Epitath by Sue Pascoe ( mother of Johanna Pascoe)

“God is gracious.” I see this as a display of the Almighty’s Mercy. Johanna was truely beautiful, inside and out. Compassionate, Kind, Loving, Gentle, Giving, Talented, Patient, Self-controlled, determined, full of life and joy. These are the charastics given in the scriptures as the evidence of God’s Spirit residing in us. They are the “Fruits of the Spirit”

This then, is how she shall remain, BEAUTIFUL.Inside and out. Untouched and Unchanged forever- from the lies and darkness of our current society. It no longer has any power to draw her away with empty promises and false security. No power to dirty the beauty of God within her. Though we will always miss her physical presence in our lives for the joy and love she brought each one of us – Be comforted by the TRUTH found in God’s Word. She is safe. Her Spirit is at rest.

“Sleep well my daughter.” You will awaken when He returns. We shall be with our Savior, for evermore.

1 Thes 4:13-18

13. Now, brethern, we do not wish you to be ignorant concerning those who have fallen asleep,lest you be sad as others who have no expectation,

14. For if we believe that Yeshua (Jesus) died and rose again so also Elohim (God) shall bring with Him those who sleep in Yeshua.

15. For we say this to you by the Word of the Master,that we, the living who are left over at the coming of the Master shall in no way go before those who are asleep.

16. Because the Master Himself shall come down from heaven with a shout, with the voice of a chief messenger and with the trumpet of Elohim. and the dead in Messiah shall rise first.

17. Then we, the living who are left over shall be caught away together with them in the clouds to meet the Master in the air- and so we shall always be with the Master.” Encourage one another with these words.

In loving memory of Johanna Renee Pascoe.